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What is Shaztra

The Future of Automation Testing

Shaztra is the fastest way to build resilient, functional end-to-end tests

Testing is Challenging

In rapid delivery cycles, testing can be the biggest bottleneck.

Testing velocity = Delivery velocity

QA has to complete authoring, executing, automating, and often generating huge amounts of data for testing, all within a specified time. Time and cost investments in automation testing are huge. Plus, automation testing with record and playback tools is too slow for the modern software development paradigm.

Brittle and Flaky Automation is a Nightmare

Rapid changes in your software lead to changes in your Automation code. Every test failure involves reviewing the failures and writing more brittle assertions to catch the bugs you missed.

Modern apps have complex bugs

Responsive web pages, native mobile apps, and progressive web apps can have all kinds of bugs that can’t be caught with current automation tooling.

We solve it with the help of AI

Shaztra's AI replicates the human eye and brain through various algorithms, to see your app as your customer does and test the way a manual tester does. It understands your testing needs using Natural Language.

Unmatched stability

Shaztra's AI-driven UI identifiers and locators eliminate flaky tests that break when code changes. It can spot meaningful differences between versions of your app’s user interface.

Write your Automation in plain English

With Shaztra you no longer write code, just provide the test steps in English. This is fast, flexible, and maintainable automation for everyone on the team.

Automatic Test Data Generation

Shaztra's AI learns and auto-generates the test data for each test. Our AI can automatically test your app using auto-generated positive and negative test data.

Superfast cross-browser testing

Shaztra can run your tests on multiple web browsers in parallel, in minutes. This provides a thorough test coverage of responsive UIs, so you can rest assured that you’ve found all bugs on all browsers and viewport sizes.

Faster debugging

With Shaztra you reduce your debugging time from hours to mere minutes. Forget grokking logs, our reports take you to the specific place of regression. Shaztra displays the DOM and CSS differences and pinpoints the exact root cause for your development team to fix.

Integrates with your entire test stack

We have APIs for all popular DevOps tools and CI systems to fit right into your CI/CD process.

Continuous Testing at Scale

10 tests or 1000s of tests, Shaztra is built to scale with your needs. Schedule your tests or run them through API or even with a click of a button.

Actionable Reports

Be it an executive summary of the issues or detailed reporting highlighting performance, bugs, or patterns over time, we have reports that give you all the details that you need. You get instant notifications on Slack, email, and other channels.

Why Shaztra

Ship Confidently and Quickly

Shaztra helps accelerate the delivery of high-quality software

Built for your business

Get speed and quality at a fraction of the cost. Get started within minutes.

10x ROI

With near-zero initial cost and the ability to write quick automation, you run more tests, increase coverage, and find bugs early. Investing in Shaztra for Automation gives you more than 10x ROI.

Improve your Bottom Line

With Shaztra, you reduce quality issues that negatively impact your revenue. Our cloud-infrastructure can further reduce your operational costs.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With Shaztra's robust automated testing, your team can deliver more features faster. Your customers will love it.

Ship with Confidence

Automation is the key to delivering reliable, high-quality products. Shaztra gives your business the confidence that your solution works for your customers after every release.

Get More Done

Shaztra eliminates the need for tedious automation creation and maintenance. Free up your team to do creative work while machines handle your repetitive tasks.

Find Issues Early

Shaztra allows you to test early and often. Lower your development cost by finding issues early in the development cycle.

Ready to dive in?

Built for your teams

Shaztra solves problems unique to every function.

  • QA

    • No more repetitive manual testing

    • More time for exploratory testing

    • Easy automation with auto-generated test data

  • Engineering

    • More focused time for development activities

    • Run automated tests locally before merging

    • APIs to trigger tests as soon as code changes are pushed

  • Product

    • Turn Acceptance Tests into Automated Acceptance Tests

    • Track user story completion with Automated Acceptance Tests

    • Seamless collaboration with QA and Engineering

Be on top of your test coverage

With one tool, everyone sees the whole picture

How shaztra works

Simple and Easy

To automate, or not to automate: that is no more the question

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